full-length documentary

Although the plot of the full-length documentary film prepared by the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan within the framework of the project “West Azerbaijan: our material and cultural heritage” with the financial support of the agency for state support to Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan is based on the researches on the origin of the folk song “sari Gelin”, Here, ethnography and folklore are used only as auxiliary means to achieve the main goal.

In this context, the historical processes taking place in the territory of western Azerbaijan starting from the early Middle Ages are considered and the material and cultural wealth created by our people in these lands is discussed. Folklore samples are used only as a driving factor enriching the plot of the film with artistic overtones. Thus, an unbreakable bond is created between art and folklore, which is based on scientific facts voiced in the text behind the scenes and in the interviews of historians. 

In the film, Aytaj Zeynalova played the character of Kipchak girl (yellow bride) in artistic scenes, and Ismayil Jafarov played the image of Oguz boy (Sinan). The film also contains the opinions of researchers who lived and worked in western Azerbaijan, who were closely acquainted with the literary and cultural environment of Azerbaijan, the history of those territories and conducted research in this direction.

The film was shot in Baku, Ismayilli, Gadabay and Kalbajar, and was written by Fuzuli Sabiroglu, directed by Mubariz Nagiyev, directed by Fahir Samadoglu, produced by Ali Isa Jabbarov. The head of the project is the chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan, people's artist Rasim Balayev.