After our magnificent victory in the Patriotic War, the issue of Western Azerbaijan has gained even greater importance. On December 24, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, emphasised the necessity of preparing a concept for the return of our historical lands during a meeting with a group of intellectuals from Western Azerbaijan at the administrative building of the Western Azerbaijan Community. From this perspective, it is crucial for the new generation to familiarise themselves with the historical Azerbaijani lands now known as Armenia, which embody the physical and cultural heritage crafted by our people over centuries, and to share these facts with the global community.

The primary aim of the project, "Western Azerbaijan: Our Material and Cultural Heritage," financed by the State Support Agency for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan and executed by the Azerbaijan Cinematographers Union, is to disseminate extensive information through a multilingual website and a full-length documentary film about the material and cultural heritage that Armenians have dispersed over the past 200 years. This information includes historical sources, official documents, maps, rare photos and video materials, as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic representations.

The project is planned to be expanded and enriched in the future. The main goal is to introduce the international community, as well as our people, especially the younger generation, to the material and cultural monuments created by our ancestors in all areas, including the administrative and cultural centre of Western Azerbaijan, the city of Iravan (modern Yerevan), such as fortresses, mosques, palaces, and more, as well as examples of fine arts, applied arts, and the cultural environment (literature, theatre, education, media). 

The materials presented in the project will also serve as a guiding source for local and foreign scholars, researchers, students, and high school students interested in the history, physical and cultural heritage of Western Azerbaijan, as well as Azerbaijani diaspora communities worldwide, and Azerbaijani communities in Armenia. The materials presented in the project will also serve as a guiding source for local and international scholars, researchers, students, high school students, Azerbaijani studies enthusiasts worldwide, and in Armenian who are interested in the history, material, and cultural heritage of Western Azerbaijan.